Sunday, February 6, 2011

Dee's whinge

I am whingeing tonight although nothing can be done about it but I am just so angry I have decided to


Now I am sure you all know the LM situation,While he is my sister's son due to drug and other problems Doc's stepped in when he was 7 months old and took him off her and her boyfriend,

Well Kev and I put our hand up for him I mean this is my nephew and I knew as soon as my sister told me she was pregnant that I loved him and that one day the baby would be mine.(She had already lost a son who is now 27yrs)
Well we went to court and blah blah blah don't want to bore you  but the LM became ours till he is 18yrs.

We "share" the responsibility with docs (CRAP -where are they when LM wakes up screaming at 2.00am or when he is so tired he is unbelievably naughty or who cleans the dirty nappies and vomit...)yeah we share him alright.

Docs says jump we go ok how high.

Anyway I am so angry -this week LM's father was to have a visit.

That's ok.He hasn't seen the LM for almost 2yrs due to being in  jail .

Well this visit has to take place in Wollongong where the father has another child who was born while he was in jail.This sounds like Days of our lives.........So now the LM has to see both Yep the court says LM has to see this child and devolop a sibling relationship.....Yeah you can do that on a total of 12. hours a year visits.
We have no say in this as well.

My gripe is the LM had to travel 2 hours plus down there spend 2 hours for the visit then 2 hrs plus trip home all this in 40 degree heat.Note that Doc's didn't supply anything for LM to eat or drink and even used our car seat...

The father who I spoke to on Monday -I asked him to bring LM a sandwich and I would supply LM with drinks and snacks ,Well he didn't get him anything ....It must be hard to remember to buy a $2.00 piece of bread with vegemite on it for your son...BUT!!!! The poor father I shouldn't be mean because  Docs paid for a room in Wollongong so he could travel down and relax in before the visit next day...Yep thats right he got a room paid for so he didnt have to travel down in the heat and  could have the visit...


We had to put up with a tired hot little boy when he came home-but thats ok his father would have been well rested.

I can't do anything about this unless I want long legal battles and I wonder why I get sick with crap like this happening to us.

I just want the LM to be loved and have a happy NORMAL drug free childhood  which he is by us and to be brought up by our rules We treat him as our own  and he thinks we are mummy and daddy .....

So sorry about this whinge but I just feel it's wrong and why do we put up with it- because I will die if they take my boy off me.

He is my little baby and God help anyone who says different .

Ha ha ha she is whingeing again isn't she.....

Me I hide with Da  when she goes on and on  ha ha


  1. You know my feelings on the subject, how they (THE POWERS THAT BE)can treat some people while kids are being mistreated & nothing gets done to help them until it's too late. Be thankful that Aidan is turning into a lovely little boy, naughty & full of fun just the way normal little boys are who are truly loved. You & Kevin are doing a wonderful job. Love you all Mum xxx

  2. After reading this, all I can think is thank god this little boy has you in his life. What a lucky little boy he is to be with you and your family that obviously love him to bits and care for him and give him the life every little boy should have.
    Wishing you lots of strength to put up with all the other stuff you seem to be going through.


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