Monday, February 7, 2011

A smile for Monday

                        Today no whingeing -Today I don't care if I am in pain or not.Today no talk of death....

        What matters is this little boy and the beautiful smile I got when he left this morning for school....

Such a little cutie....(when he wants to be.....)Today's friends are Dog and puppy,Tony tiger who likes to talk all the time said LM.and last is  Spotty girl,Yes we know Spot is a boy but in our house Spot is a girl.
Spotty girl and Tony tiger are best friends.This is what LM  told Da today..

So I have printed out a copy of this photo and every time I feel down or want to just cry I look at LM's smile and it does make me smile to.

At least that is a start...

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  1. I'm glad that Aidan can make you smile & forget your troubles for a little while. He is so cute though.
    Love you Mum xxx


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