Monday, February 21, 2011

Crafting is back

Hello.I thought I lost all my urge to do any kind of craft but YIPPEE it's back.

This weekend I made the LM a photo book just with Kraft paper and a few photos of LM favorite things.,I modge podge a drawing LM did at school for the cover and tied some pretty  ribbon to the rings and YUM its done,
Also no embellishments in the book .So now half of you have choked but the LM is just 3yrs and he usally just  carrys around a couple of photos so I deiced to put them in something he could easily handle with no worries of bits coming off.

The bottom line is HE LOVES IT and he told be "its beautiful dee"

See I told you it was very basic and very simple.But it gives LM his own photo book without having to let him touch mine or worry if he may wreck his.-ha ha ha

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  1. I love Aidan's book & I'm glad that you are back to crafting. About time...


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