Sunday, February 13, 2011

Valentines Day Cards

We don't  go in much for Valentines day.Kev and I buy each other a card which I put in my treasure box.

Yes I am a hoarder.

But I got a pack of these from kikki-k   so the LM could make some cards for friends.

   I got the  DIY kit-Sweet Hearts.It is to make your own Valentines cards-cost $10.

This is the one we got.Check out their on-line shop soo easy.

LM loved it .He did all the sticking and putting the bits where he wanted...Wouldn't listen to me.
Now someone who had time and talent could make really nice ones from this kit.

The finished products.
Not bad for a 3yr old.And like I said he did it all.that's why some colours blend in but that's what he wanted and I love them.we will be doing these next year.

Happy Valentines Day


  1. He did a fabulous job! (And I love anything from kikki-k.) Thanks for visiting my blog recently...I googled Monica McInerney and I will take your suggestion and pick up one of her books next time I'm at the library. I must admit Mini Shopaholic was better than the 1st two of the Shopaholic books. Did you manage to read any of them yet?

  2. Aidan certainly has a great talent & he loves his craft. The cards look great. He has a good teacher....


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