Sunday, February 20, 2011

Just me

Well from the above picture I think you can tell no hospital-YEAH
Although by the time we got there the pain was shocking and I would have stayed in there but when mt doctor said about me staying it was to be total bed rest which is bed pans etc and this was for 2 weeks minimum No thanks not a chance....
.Anyway my doctor is not happy with my legs -he said they  are getting worse,
.insert lots of tears (from me and some from Kevin) .
End result no hospital stay this visit.A change in my wound dressing procedure (big word I sound posh ) and also a change on my medications.

Also he did give permission for something I have been wanting to do forever but wasn't allowed to.
Not sure if things have changed or he just feels sorry for a poor old fat lady sobbing. but I would like to think the first option is the way to go.

So what is it?

  Sorry I want to wait till I can get  all the information and visits together.It is a hard choice for us to make and I don't want to tell everyone then have it fall over and we can't do it.

Put it this way I have started making  some enquires and it is like one step forward one step back...

So after we got home from doctors on Wednesday I was just my normal ill and in great pain self  and  I only started to feel better today-hence the post. See I think it all relates into the above  "thing I can't talk about yet".It has put something positive in front of me so I have a different outlook on things.

And a big thanks and lots of hugs to those wonderful friends who wished me the best and said some really nice things to me which made my heart swell ......

'OMG' no I wasn't having a heart attack..

Oh how sweet  
thanks and bye till next time

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  1. How did you get Kevin to pose as Cupid? Sorry Kevin, he is a cute cupid though.
    As long as you keep positive Deidre then hopefully things will go well for you.
    Love you Mum xxx


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