Sunday, February 13, 2011

Pictures framed

I have no idea where I originally saw this but I am sure it was here

Check out her guest room and how she framed her plates .Her blog is unreal totally beautiful.and she has painted furniture different ways  and the best part is she tells you how to do it....


I had a wall with 4 little pictures on it in my entry way hall.This is the first thing you see when you open the front door.

I didn't  think it was finished.
I thought of ordering 2 more prints but then I thought no...
Then i remembered a blog where I saw a picture frame wall hanging and it looked great.,
I liked this. idea -now to find a frame.
The secondhand shops here think they can charge heaps- forget it..........

Well I finally found a mirror  in Go-Lo for $30 that I thought was about the right size
                                                                     It was .
                        So Kev dismantled it and painted it the same colour as my wood work....

                Then he hung it up(I helped as I held the frame)-it was still wet as I couldn't wait for it to dry..ha ha

Just a close up ..

I have to take another photo as light wasn't right ,But I wanted to show it because I love
it . Yes I love  it .It is just what I wanted,

Good said Kev cause he isn't taking it down ha ha

Looks great hey.
Andever is a special word that Kev says to me...Now we get mushie

He says he loves me now andever.
I love him and thanks Kev for doing this for me as fast as you did..

love from a very happy


  1. That looks great and thanks for the shout out.

  2. They look much better than single hanging. Poor Kevin once again does his jobs as requested by you.


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