Monday, February 21, 2011

Maddox's first christmas

Maddox's 1st Christmas album was the another  item I made on the weekend.

I really love how this book  has turned out -

So much so I am going to do Kerry and the LM their own book.

God  knows where  Kerry's photos could be though  they are  27yrs old  been through a couple of moves been packed and unpacked ...........ha ha I know exactly where they are...

Photos and treasures Yes I look after...Receipt's and anything like that  can't find them.

                                     Any way here is the book.

Sooo cute isn't it....

That's Maddox on the reverse of the star I even found a little stocking with the letter M on it in all my bits and peices,.The snow flake was bought at Christmas time from Bed 'n' Bath just love it...

The page I am talking about is the red tree page,I have put lots of bits of tags etc on it so Natalie can fill it in
with her memories of the event...See the little peg Santa -she can clip something to that as well.

This is the reverse of red tree and the other page in green tree,Once again I put tags on this so Natalie can do what she wants.
We did the pictures black and white so it was too garish (I don't know if that is a word but in the world of Dee it is,,,)Also I just doodled around the pieces and on the green tree at the botom I wrote Merry Christmas in the doodles..

Hope you liked looking at it ..
 this is the start of my new mindset.

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  1. I'm sure that Natalie will love it, as 1st Christmas's are something to treasure for always. Once again you have made something beautiful.


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