Sunday, February 13, 2011

Temporary Australian

A temporary Australian that's what Kev calls kids and motor bikes.Well we now join this club.

Kev's youngest son has always  been mad about motor bikes but luckily we just said we had no room for one so we got away with having to let him get one.

Well it's all changed now.Ashley has joined the above club and bought a road bike.

It's big (he is not) it does look good and Ash does look all drown up in his gear but

I warned him no midnight police calls,behave no being stupid on it oh my list went on and on.I also congratulated him on saving hard for something he wanted .

He looks so grown up...

I told you it was big..

Don't get any ideas Kev.
You just touch thee ground with your tippie toes-ha ha

LM was unsure...

LM hanging on tight....

Please drive safe Ash  its  not you I  worry about  .
It  is all those others on the road.


  1. I know I also worry about Ben when he takes his bike to work and as you said it's not them it's the other people in cars etc.
    Thanks again for a beautiful dinner last night. ox

  2. The bike looks so big, lets hope he takes care. The bike suits him though


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