Monday, February 28, 2011

I just looove it

I managed this week to get to the shops and get some exciting bits for the house,(I paid for it dearly though when I couldn't walk later on that day)

Anyway I just had to show these things I got...

Firstly I got the most beautiful throw rug from Adair's.I can't explain the colour  (apart from heavenly)but it was on a all white bed set and that's what I have ordered so it would look just yum, it is so soft and warm almost has a vintage look to it.

Isn't it beautiful I just looove it.
Can't tell you the price because Kevin wouldn't understand,
I can just hear him  say "You spent WHAT on that".
No just joking it was $149  a bargain for a piece of looove.

Then we went to Ikea and picked up some loooove...

So at Ikea I got the candle and candle stick and also the white planter and green plant.
I have  put these on a little cupboard we have in the ensuite and they look good.

I really loooove this planter .Do you remember the one I got for Christmas .Well this is along those lines but alot smaller  and my Christmas one cost alot  more -this one was only $10 from the Reject shop.

I looove it now but Kevin is painting it black for me so I can put it on my outdoor table and I will stick either a plant or a candle in it.
Oh before I forget this one is around 60cm and there are 2 larger sizes.I will show you the finished project later.

Lastly although it just looks like a picture of my stove I totally looove the down lights under the cupboards.You would think being married to an electrician I would have electric down lights but NOOOO....
I have always wanted them so I stumbled across these in Ikea for $5 each and truly they look so good-You just peel off the self adhesive tape and then stick them up.Done.
I looove them.

So this week has been good and bad,I managed to get a few bits for the house,But like I said had to put up with sore feet and fevers yuck...
It was worth it.


  1. Your bits & pieces look lovely. The throw is stunning, & well worth the money. I Love it.
    With all the bits & pieces bought, you can forget the aches & pains for a little while.(MAY BE)

  2. Love the new home wares, that throw is gorgeous!


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