Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Beer and Cupcakes

Beer and Cupcakes mmm sounds delicious.....Not.

Any way  I have just finished these 2 layouts and I have my friend Gill to thanks.

She has done this layout with Kaiser papers and I just loved it and had to have it, and as per Jill it is beautiful anyway good news Gill rang me on Tuesday to say paper was in Kev went and picked it up but I had to wait until tonight to do it as I was doing other things.Boo Hoo

Anyway I feel it was worth the wait.The one with Kerry is almost what Gill had and the LM is same layout and bits but different colours and bits.

Kerry making cupcakes around 3-4 years.

Picture is yuck but I can't be bothered fixing it tonight I will try tomorrow again.

Kev has his own home brew set up and when he mixes a brew LM comes from whatever he is doing to check it out and help, In the second picture one photo is of the LM a couple of weeks ago and  the little photo was around 2yrs old  and he wasn't much bigger than the pot.

Thanks Gill for the wonderful layout


  1. Looks fabo Dee!! Gotta love that range and your pics are super perfect for it!!
    Luv renee

  2. They both look great, as usual.


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