Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Doctor woes

            Today I had to go to the doctors for my monthly supply of pain killers.
While there I was telling him about how sore one of my legs is getting and about the fevers and chills I get and that it is very worrying.

So he decides to have a look (something he doesn't normally do as he is just my GP and I am under care of 2 Professor's) anyway he flipped.

This is where he wants me to go .....

Yep that's right.
He wants to admit me into hospital for a week or more  put me on a  drip and he said I can RELAX......

Well I said NO NO NO NO and No 

I see my Professor next week so I will wait and see what he says to do.....

My GP did a swab so results will be back on Saturday so depending the result I may just be in hospital RELAXING ......Aren't  I a lucky girl. ha ha

love sick and tired

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  1. At least the Dr has done something this time around. Next week will be a differant story. Enjoy your rest.....If needed I will come down Love youxxx


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