Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Maddox Baby book

                    I must be on a roll because he is another little book I made for Maddox,

It is a bit different to what I normally do as I usually print out his details etc luckily I had this card at home so
Natalie can fill it all in with the details,The reason  for this is my slack daughter  (yes Kerry I mean you) keeps forgetting to get them off Natalie so rather than wait till she gets them (sigh)  I have used the card.I think it works well...

What a litttle cutie.

Natalie has planes in Maddox's bedroom so I have tried to put a little rub on one here
and on the next page there is a felt one.

The photo looks weird here but trust me it is perfect.
This would have to be my favorite Kaiser book it is just too cute for words.


  1. You have been busy, haven't you.
    Love you Mum xxx

  2. Oh my what a beautiful baby book! Deb xox


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