Thursday, February 10, 2011

Little Man's new Scarves

I wrote recently about my wonderful mum making some knitted scarves for the little girls ( who just loved them ) in soft pink.They were so beautiful.

Well the LM got upset cause they weren't for him.I told him pink was for girls he was ok with that but he wanted a scarf....

So what is a little boy to do?  BUT call his  Nana and ask her for a scarf for him.

LM told Mum he wanted a green one then he said a blue one......

Now mum knows I hate blue  with a vengeance( and 90% if LM clothes is red/black and grey..)..and green-well I hate green sometimes ...

So what did his WONDERFUL Nana do?

I am sooooo cute in my scarves-Just look at me.....

She made a blue one   AND a green one...........

Yeah I am cute yeah yeah yeah .....That is what the LM
was saying when this photo was taken...............

Goodnight  and love from a very tired

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  1. To see the look on Aidans face is well worth the effort to knit the scarves.
    He is real litle poser. Love Mum xxx


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