Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Mixed up Dee

Well it's 4.30am  I have been up since 3.00am and  I can't go back to bed I can't sleep my legs are killing me I am imagining terrible things I have 100's of bits flying around my head....... so I have just been computer surfing  yeah I know it should be Internet surfing but hey its early morning I don't care anymore .I can't walk I hurt BAD so I am  taking any pain killers I can find.

I  have found some beautiful pictures of lavender on google while I was mucking around.
I just love it.(both google and lavender )
I don't know if I really like the smell but love the flower and the thought of Lavender seems to relax me.


Do you like my ramblings I am so freaked out because today I go my  doctors at the hospital and I am sure I going  to be admitted.

In any case I like to be prepared so I've got some things together so Kev can bring them in later. I don't want to take them with me or it may jinx me.
Got my Monica McInery book cant wait to read it..

One of the ladies I follow  is Penny at  p://  (please check out her blog I really like it so colourful and she does amazing layouts - and don't forget to become a follower) well she has just read Mini Shopaholic and she recommends this as a good read.

So poor Kev has this on his shopping list to get.....

I really love these pictures of lavender  so I hope you are enjoying  these few photos as well.If not sorry I am just a sick pain infested old lady.(do you think I just scored any sypanthy)
Funny though looking at the pictures makes me realise how much I need to do to my garden.It's a bit hard cause I  find it hard to get
down the steps,Things were looking good late last year then with all the sun and not much rain  some plants haven't survived and need to be pulled up and a new one put in to replace it. But hey looking on the brighter side my Mum is coming down in March and she is a unreal gardener so maybe???

 Oh God it's almost time to wake up Kev and the Lm then off we go.First we drop LM at daycare then onwards to the hospital.
I keep thinking the worst I can't help it I am like one of those people who check out their illness or medications and self diagnose.Yep if I have a headache it is probably a tumor.
You know the type..So at the moment I am thinking they will take my leg off.
Kev and my mum and daughter all try to reassure me and it will all be ok ....

But I have seen the pictures and read the comments people have left and baby it don't look good...

Well my GP told me I have cellulitis and then I read the pathology report it said it is
 Staphylococcus  Aureus which is Staph.
Ok that is the facts
I have been checking this out on the net and looking at the pictures and I don't want either.I keep thinking they are going to get me in there (hospital ) and I won't be able to control what is happening to me.....
I don't want to have to talk to other sick people I am NOT sick I just got shit legs at the moment.Also you won't catch me in bed in my nightie at lunch time yuck  moaning and groaning cause like I said I am not sick.

Me ....I will be dressed sitting in a chair waiting for Kev to come then my whingeing will start...

Well it is now 6.00am time to get ready.... I think I must have been dozing on and off which is good.

So say a pray for me because I have been saying a few myself and hopefully I will be home today if not who knows where I will be ...


  1. You are always in our prayers, and constantly in our thoughts. Good luck today, and just remember, what will be will be, and you may have to go with the flow. Kev, Kerry and your Mum are right, so please listen to them. I know that it is easier said than done, but sometimes when the situation is so bad, it can scramble our thoughts, so its nice to know that others will help you to make the best decisions for you in the long run. Love Debra & Ross

  2. Well I've spoken to you since the Dr so I know the results. At least there is no hospital. I will not HARP (only a little bit)but you do have to do some other things to help yourself get better.
    I love the lavender pictures & wish that it would grow up here.
    Big kisses & hugs to Aidan for our lovely Valentines card.
    Lolve you heaps
    Mum xxx

  3. Hope those legs are not giving you too much trouble, Dee. I wish you had lavender in your garden it is so therapeutic, the perfume is calming.
    Wishing you the best of luck at the kind to yourself! xx

  4. hope you are feeling better xxx


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