Saturday, February 5, 2011

Some old bits and bobs

I haven't been right lately sick and just thinking so I have left my blog alone.

I have  started 3 scrap projects  this week plus countless unfinished ones all untouched I just can't do it or look at them.

I started cleaning out my craft room and then stopped and now  it has been a serious mess for over a week now which is not me.

Don't know what is going on.....

Just not my normal self -can't get it together....

But had a big think over today and I am going to try and  do things  no matter how little they are.

.No use sitting around being sick and willing  myself to die.
So in an effort to butt kick my butt -here are some photos I don't think I have used before but I like them-thanks for looking

Yes 2 typical Aussie men.My lovable Kev and my brother in law John,
Settling in for Australia day celebrations.

Yes that is the LM being flipped for the 100th time and then begs for more...

LM and his cousin Zeke-both love the pool.

It's good having Kerry here she keeps LM amused....

Although Kev didn't go to much on the pink nail polish ha ha (it was only on his thumb)

Freind of the month Miss Pam Hippo....
she is being good here normally she lives in the naughty corner.ha ha

Just swimming lessons and getting used to wearing my goggles...

Alan all plastered up...Notice the huge smile....We think it's
the drugs because poor guy is in alot of pain......He started pyshio this week...

The tadpole in the pool again.......

This is my front door from the inside.LM has now got a habit of opening it
before I get there so Kev put it on to stop that and also to keep him in.
Yes the is a deadlock door.

Our friend Cody .I worked with his mother Alison and became good friends with them
Anyway Guy ,Alison and the cutie Cody came over .He is soooo quiet not like LM.
Except LM was so well behaved.He was gentle to Cody didn't YELL and was a pleasure.

Well thanks for looking I enjoyed looking at these myself.



  1. Love the 2 aussie blokes. The little man is certainly a little fish, and he so loves the water. Hope that you are feeling better this coming week, a day at a time & less stress. Love you heaps
    Mum xxx

  2. Thanks for sharing those terrific photos of the family, your LM looks like a delightful handful!
    So sorry to hear that you are unwell, so not fair! Sending lots of cyber hugs your way! don't stress about the UFOs, just take it slowly, you will get there. xx


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