Saturday, February 26, 2011

I won a prize.YEAH

Guess what I won a prize of the most divine cards from a wonderful lady called Debee from Art as life.Which is her blog.She also has an etsy shop so you can get lots of treasure,

You have to check out this amazing website.Her scrap booking is fresh and fun looking and I love it...

Oh so what did I win? Well she has just published a range of cards with her designs and I am lucky enough to be receiving   a set of them.

To win all you had to do was answer WHAT LIFTS YOU UP....

My answer was

ha ha you will have to click on her site above.seriously I cant copy it .''' HA HA i CANT BE THAT MEAN IF YOU WANT TO FULL ANSWER YOU WILL SEE THAT ON HER BLOG....but it said something like :what lift's me up A elevator does and my husband is the best etc etc  elevator mechanic-It sounds better in full but at least you get the idea and she wrote a really nice comment as well,

This is the only picture I could  get of her stuff so please have a look at her lovely things.
Now who am I going to give these gorgeous cards too or should I be greedy and keep them
all to myself he he


  1. YAY !!! congrats on the win.. I will check out that blog :) Hope you have a wonderful weekend xx

  2. Congratulations on winning. I'll now go & check out her blog. Talk soon xxx


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