Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Easter fun..

Now at the moment I don't go shopping much due to the dreaded legs but when I did venture into shops the other day I have to say I was shocked to see

                                                            EASTER EGGS.....

                                                     Come on..what a joke.....
Then Kev tells me to shut up they have been out since not long after Christmas....

So if they can put out eggs I can share my funny Easter Pictures.

Now these are the  product of a sleep depraved, pain infected woman playing on the computer
at 3.00am...Sorry  if they are really bad.But remember they could have been worse.

But things look different in the middle of the night after  a few pain killers..ha ha ha

This is my favorite..I will check my slippers next time I wear them he he he

Like I said they could be worse....
Thanks to those who made them
Happy Early Easter.

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