Tuesday, January 22, 2013

New Ruler

I have seen these giant rulers around and thought what a great idea.So as part of my "do all the crafts" I have on my list I thought I would give this one a go so I can mark it off my list...

Kev picked up the timber which was a piece of pine 6 foot long by 8 inches wide  and this only cost $11 from Bunnings.I gave it a coat of stain but didnt like that when it dried so I tried another colour we had in the shed.Well this time it turned out great.

Now the hard bit 'THE MEASUREMENTS'  if I was to do it I would mark it by eye and it would be good enough but NO not Kev he looked at a few pictures on which way they did theirs then he marked and measured them  on properly.Gee he did a good job cause it looks fantasic.....So now I had to do the numbers.

I printed them out using the font Century Schoolbook size 300. Traced them onto my marked ruler .Then just used a sharpie to colour them in.

So now I just have to hang it up in the bar room and start making memories by marking off heights.
I cant wait to see this ruler get filled with everyones heights .It will be so fun to see it fill up and see just how much the kids grow.

Now I am going to make one for Kerry she said she would like one but I thinks she wants a white ruler....

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  1. It looks amazing, & I love the color. Something so simple to look so good. How many are you going to do?


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