Saturday, March 16, 2013

Bunny Suit

I saw the cutest little Bunnie suit on Etsy for Easter and thought  Jaxon would look so cute in it but when I saw the price of almost $60 plus postage I thought no way...

Well then I thought my mum could make this so I called her and she said OK-but it wasn't  a happy OK more like a what have I said yes too now ? kind of OK.......

So while she was down here we went to Spotlight and got some wool and off Super Nan went making it.The wool by the way is called Inca...

OMG she did it so fast and it turned out fantastic......I am so proud of my mum....

Check out the little pom pom how cute...

Total cost $15 wool plus $3 pattern.

Super Nan strikes again....

love you mum xxx


  1. That is precious. I can't wait to see it on the little guy. :)


  2. We Mums do some amazing things don't we. Love you to. xxx


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