Thursday, March 3, 2016

First day of school 2016.

Well my little man started 3rd class this year OMG can you believe it he is now in primary school...

He loves the fact that he is growing up real fast and is going to be tall..Nooooo where is my baby?

Da has  is now Dad or Daddy and he is probably Aidan's best friend.He is always calling out to him for Daddy to come for a swim or a bike ride...

 I nearly cried when I did this collage .

Just seeing how much he has grown up .....lucky you can still see some excitement at the thought of going back to school although how long this will last is any ones idea.

So mothers gather your kids tight tonight and kiss them and remember just how fast they are growing...

I don't think I will let Aidan go

dee x

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