Sunday, June 16, 2013

Birthday party ideas

The Little Man's birthday is in August and usually I am well on the way with preparation's for the party.

But this year I am  running on idea on what to do.

For LM's 1st Birthday we went with the Elmo theme......

                            The top cake was fruit cake and then I made Elmo cupcakes...

                                                               Gee LM looked so little .

                                        For his 1st Birthday of course it had to be Elmo....

I like "theme" party's with everything matching.

LM's 2nd Birthday was Tellytubbies. He loved them..

It has been getting harder the last couple of years as I have been sick but luckily I have had my mum down each year for the party  and Kerry is always there  to help.

                                                                   Happy 2nd Birthday.....

This year because he is in Kindy I want him to have a party with his class mates.So it's time for me to suck it up and decide what to do.

                                Mickey Mouse made LM's 3rd Birthday ""Mouse a luscious"""

I am still not 100% health wise so I am going to take it down a notch or two (more like three) and try for a easy party.I still want a theme party but I just aren't going to go over the top like in previous partys.

        When LM turned 4 we had a farm party.I even had a petting farm come.Kids loved it.

So what to do?

                   5th Birthday was a Lego one........Lego Lego Lego every where just don't step on it...

 I have no idea.....

Plenty of ideas for girls but boys nope....

I am not into McDonald's Party's. They are fine but I like to have the party's at home. Being in August and being Winter means the weather can be an issue but thankfully I have been really lucky with this. Fingers crossed for this year.

So what do we do?

Super heroes?


Maybe a bowling party?

Any ideas?  HELP!!!!

I have been checking out Pinterest but nothing has grabbed my imagination fully yet a couple have lit a spark but I am still looking hope you can help.

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  1. It's lovely looking back on Aidans past Birthday parties. I'm sure that you'll think of something for him this year. Try going smaller....LESS STRESS


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