Saturday, June 29, 2013

Photo fun 2

Recently I did a post on the phone apps I use here well I have just found another and I had to show you all..

It's called "A beautiful Mess" and is a photo editing app.   It can add words of your choice,or  you can choose one of their phrases,there is also frames and doodles to add to your pictures.

This is another very easy app to use.....And here is a couple of pictures that the LM did to try it out on....

Cost is 99 cents for the basic app but if you want extra fonts or extra anything it another 99 cents per extra.
I think this is a bit too much and I didn't realise this till after I bought the main app.If I had know I don't know if I would have gone ahead with it because all the items I wanted wernt in the main app but were extras....

Not that the basic app has anything wrong with it and I will use them but I wanted the others.

So try it out it is quite fun.


  1. I so need to spend a bit of time on this as my instargam shots need some help.

    Little Man looks terrific, it's a great shot and it that is your daughter, she is looking fabulous after baby number one.

    Have a great weekend Dee.

  2. A very good app by the sound of it. Remind me later as I have used all my battery trying to catch up with all your blogs.


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