Saturday, June 15, 2013

Fashion shoot.

When Kevin had his glider flight  the LM looked so cute dressed up..

Well he wasn't dressed up really he just wasn't wearing his school uniform or play clothes..

Now a days it seems I only see him in uniform-I know that's not true but it was nice to dress him in some different  clothes for a change.

I really likes how grown up he looked  so  out came the camera.

He likes to pose.

He has an lazy eye so we see him squint quite a lot.We have an appointment to see a specialist next month so hopefully it will be fixed without surgery.

                                               I like this shot -it just looks natural not staged...

Yes this is a typical LM shot.Shoes laces untied....he is such a boy....but the way he is growing up he will soon be a man...

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  1. He certainly loves his photo being taken at this age. I often wonder if he'll be as keen when his older.


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