Tuesday, June 25, 2013

My Little Man...

The LM is so funny at times and sometimes I just can't stop smiling at his antics and at other times I strangle him ...

 While at soccer it  was no exception...he was trying to hang upside on a fence he tried and tried and tried and finally got it .You should have seen him -he was soooo cute just hanging there with this big grin on his face....love him heaps.....see persistence does pay...

Oh and while at soccer that day he made both Kev and I very proud ....he really tried hard at playing the game and he must have impressed his coach because my little boy got PLAYER OF  THE WEEK...he was so proud and when I took the photo he sent it to everyone...Good boy mate..

We have been having trouble with him at school but that seems to have settled down (thank God for that...) Well last week at assembly he got an award for good manners.

Talk about being proud -Me I am talking about not LM oh he was pleased and was grinning from ear to ear but me -my head for so swelled and yes I was grinning from ear to ear.

I may use naughty words sometimes (ok more than sometimes but I am trying to cut down) but manners mean a lot to us we both believe in kids having manners so for LM to get an award for this was great.

I wasn't at the assembly but my friend Michelle was and she took the photos on her phone  so although they aren't the best they show LM getting his award and I will treasure it...

LM when you are old enough to read this remember how much I love you always..xx

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