Thursday, June 13, 2013

Fiddle Sticks

Fiddle sticks !!!!

We used to call them "Pick up sticks"

They aren't called that any more now they are "Fiddle Sticks"

When I went to the supermarket I saw these and it brought make memories from my childhood so in my basket they went time to make memories with the LM....
At first the LM just looked at me as if I was stupid ...
"what are they?"
"what do you do with them ?"
"I want to play on the computer not with sticks" 
"Get over here we are having some fun NOW!!!"I said this through gritted teeth....
After I explained how you play with them and a few hundred demo's (yes I am exaggerating)   we spent the next hour playing with them...
It didn't take long for him to start winning (well I let him-and I am sticking with that story as I don't like being beaten by a 5 year old ha ha )..The giggles were enough to tell me he was having fun..
It's funny though we buy all these expensive  games and toys for our kids and let them play on computers or other electrical games and my boy is extremely fond of any thing technical but given some plastic sticks and being taught an old fashioned game he loved it.
This game has now been played daily.(and yes I am still losing to a 5 year old )
I also had bought him a game that Kerry had when she was little called "Guess Who" we have started playing this as well.
He likes this, so now  I am on the look out for other board games for us all to play that is fun for his age..Any ideas?
Yes we still have a Wii and a Xbox  and yes  he  still has other computer games but for the moment he is enjoying doing these games and playing them as a family.
What childhood games did you have?
I vaguely remember playing "knuckles" as a child.I remember my Nana painting dried lamb knuckles with nail polish to get different colour knuckles then you tossed some in the air and had to catch them. Like I said I am rather vague about how we played it but it is a good memory even though I cant recall it fully...
Just had to show you this little cheeky face again.....
Do you have family games you play with the kids?

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