Sunday, June 2, 2013

Little Miss 6 year old...

Happy 6th Birthday to our darling little Annaliese.

I can't believe how fast 6 years has gone.

Annaliese is my best friend Jan's granddaughter.Her mother is Brianna who started school with Kerry and they were in separable from the start.

It makes me so upset that Jan is not here (she has passed away before Annaliese was born) she has turned out to be a beautiful little girl on the inside as well as the out side.

Jan would be so proud of how Brianna has raised Annaliese on her own (as well as raising her 4 sisters).She has done an amazing job

I couldn't think of what to get for a present as like most kids she has everything I couldn't even get books as she and her mum read a varied assortment of books and I know they have heaps.So we got a little signet ring.Kerry had one at this age and she loved it so I thought I would do that.Fingers crossed that it fits and she loves it.

It makes me happy to know that as Kerry and Brianna were friends growing up that Annaliese and the LM will be close friends also. The LM is only  2 months younger.

So Happy Birthday Miss 6 year old we love


  1. Happy Birthday to one very cute little girl.

  2. Thank you so much, I cried reading this post!

    You are beautiful and the ring is the best gift! Did you see the picture I posted of it?

    Love you xx


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