Monday, June 17, 2013

December Daily 2012

Yes I did it !!!!!!!!!!

You heard it right,I have now joined an exclusive club of people who do actually finish their December Daily.....ha ha

I finally finished a December Daily Journal.....

Well I kind of did.

I have started doing a scrap version for my mum in 2011 for her 2010 December but then life happens and it stopped.

Stopped just like that...

Then I started again and after  pages stopped.

Stopped just like that .....

Anyway last December 2012 -I was good and wrote down snippets from the month and took lots of pictures.

Yes this time I was  going to do my book ...

Well it has taken me almost 6 months but finally Kevin picked up my book today and it is great.

Hang on !!!

He picked it up????

Didn't you scrap it???

I am confused here....

No sorry I am a December daily scrap book failure ,mums book is still sitting here waiting and  I thought  fat chance that I would never get around to doing mine.

But recently Big W had an offer for a digital book for $1.00 so I bought it. You had a month to make your book so I thought I would wait and see what I could do.

During this time I discovered my mums book and sighed....I have to finish it but before I could get my glue and supplies out I suddenly  remembered a post I read from Tamar at A Collection of thoughts .............. She had made her December Daily book digitally .I loved it and asked her how she had made it.?

It was clean and fresh looking and it was actually fabulous...

She was great and told me where she bought her digital file from and gave me some advice on how to do it. Her photos of the book were great and gave me some ideas .

So I bought the file  as well with all intentions of making my book.....

I lost it from my computer  as well........I don't know if I didn't save it properly or if I deleted it from my computer but it is gone....

And then  I forget all about it till now....

So back to the present time and after looking again for the thousandth (is that a word) time on my computer I admit defeat.

 I decide to put some of  my pictures into Pic Monkey and make some collages with them.

Then I just added them to the book . I chose neutral pages for the background  and just did my writing and it was done.

I am quite happy with this little book. It is smaller than what I usually make but never less it is great.

I think I will do my book digitally every year.

I have lots of ideas on how to do it next time .Although I may have to use a different size this time as I had to finish the book at Christmas Day as there was only 20 pages to this book and you couldn't add pages so that will be my first change.

Also the font size will be smaller so I can have bigger pictures next time. The only drawback of doing the book online and that is getting actual size when you are making it.Everything seems out of proportion..

So if your a failure at December Daily scrapping give Digital a try you may just surprise yourself and finish it.

I think I will go finish my mums now-better late than never..............

Also thanks again  to Tamar for giving me  advice when I needed it and the inspiration I really needed.

Sorry the photos arnt the best but I used my phone....


  1. It looks fabulous Dee!!!
    Get your Mom's finished - what an incredible gift to give :)

  2. Digital is the way to go, especially if you don't do scrap booking.


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