Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Going healthy Who Me !!!!

                    Yes you read that right....I am going healthy well I am trying to ha ha ....

                    Instead of missing breakfast I have started making myself a self a smoothie....

I used milk plain yougurt mixed fruit berries some baby spinach and chia seeds plus extra ice then use my stick blender and mix this all up....

I tell you at first I was hesitant about drinking it but WOW I love it and I look forward to this each morning.I find that it fills me up and I don't eat again till dinner time..

                  So I am trying to get healthy one step at a time and so far it is working good...
I know it will be hard and it is a long ride ahead to try and get well,its not my weight that is this issue it is trying to change what I am eating to help my immune system..


  1. Very proud of you & doing it for yourself is the best way. Xxx

  2. Good for you Dee. It looks pretty yummy too. I am not a big breakfast person so I am going to try drinking some smoothies too. I hear they do keep you full and give you lots of energy to start the day.

  3. Good on you Dee....filling your body with healthy nutrient food enables it to heal and repair itself. There are so many reports of wonderful remissions and improvements from a nutrient and inflamatory free diet. Every good choice adds uo..
    Mardi xxx


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