Thursday, April 17, 2014

Little white table

I bought this little table off EBay ...I love it but I didn't read the dimension properly and thought it was bigger.

I wanted to put it in my office and have my sewing machine on it and some bits and bobs.Oh well that isn't going to happen now as  it is too small for what I really need..

The table was very glossy so we sanded it with the electrical sander on the top and bits of the leg and the rest was by hand.

                                After one coat of primer and I cant wait to see her finished.

                  Its amazing but even with just a coat of primer I can see how cute it is going to be....I  am about  to start painting her here in Annie Sloan's Pure white chalk paint...

This is the best shot I could get as after she was waxed Kevin put her into the guest room and I couldn't get her out to get another picture but as soon as I can you will be the first to see it....

At least here you can get some sort of idea just how pretty she turned.....

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