Thursday, April 24, 2014

Little Man gets a pen pal

                   The LM received a parcel last week  and boy was he excited....

I had been telling him for around a week that he was going to be a pen pal and he could write letters to them and received some letters back which he loves...

Well the big day arrived and his lovely decorated envelope arrived,I thought he was going to tear the letter as he was trying to get to it so fast....

Inside was a beautiful penned letter some lovely stickers a Easter card and a drawing .I tell you I have never seen such beautiful writing in my life from a seven year old.

He was so excited he has read the letter a few times and has starting doing a rough copy to send back.

Its great in these times of mobiles and laptops that a simple letter can bring such joy.I hope they keep writing to each other for awhile...

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  1. It's a great idea. You don't often hear of penpals now a days which is a shame as its great on be on the receiving end of a letter


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