Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Photo cube loving

This little craft is so simple I feel guilty about posting it....

I have like most of us have heaps of photos and displaying them is really hard well it was till now....

Kevin cut up a piece of timber we bought into blocks.

I picked out some photos I like and made them a 5cm square and printed them out and cut them to size....

I used a matching paint to give the edges some coverage and I also painted one side so that would be my base.... when that was dried I used my wonderful Modge Podge to attach the photos onto the wood then a good coat on top of the photo just to protect it.

Leave it to dry overnight and Whola !!! a lovely little photo cube....

It must be good because Kerry emailed me asking if I would make one of just Jaxon for her desk at work.You bet I made it Kerry doesn't ask for craft much....

So if you have some time and some photos make up these little cubes.Years ago I made my mother a more decorated set of cubes of each of the grandkids boy that was time consuming but the blocks are special as they are for my mum...

Today I am sharing at Wow us Wednesdays


  1. A great idea and you can change the pictures at will.Hope your health is going well.
    PS I lit the candles last night and love the lime and basil creation. So sharp and refreshing. Actually they are both great, but you asked for my fave. I will mention them next week, subject to the shots turning out, as it was dark. Thanks so much for forwarding them. Can you email me with a link to where they can be bought on your blog?

  2. I love the blocks & will always treasure them

  3. Dee,
    This is so sweet. I love this and pretty easy to make too. Thanks for sharing this. What a great gift this would make.
    Kris :)


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