Sunday, January 2, 2011

Christmas craft 3

I didn't get these last minute gifts finished till almost Christmas Day  but somehow and  with a bit of luck I did get them finished and was very happy with them.....

Butterfly's -Love them which is good because they are everywhere.

I got these frames from the $2 shop and they were bright gold.Cost $1.50 for the little one.

One tube of Warm white paint and a can of gloss clear and yeah beautiful white frames waiting to be filled in with some butterflies.

PS--the girls I gave these to loved them and I hope you do as well.

These wooden letters  are from  Lincraft..

I made these up for my mum ,-and thankfully she liked them..
Traci from  The four of us  made the flowers for me.She also did a set of the letters but had a black edge around them which I like but I thought I would do cream for mum,
They turned out.really nice as well.

PS they are sitting funny because being late at night when I finished Ididn't get the hooks on the back but mum will ....

This is a book I made my sister .I used to make "living books" a long time ago and then I saw one Giill   book of me  had made and so I adapted a bit from both ideas,and this is the end result and my sister did love it.



  1. Yummy soooo much goodness! LOVE the book and those frames are sooooo cute and I'm sure your Mum will treasure the JOY always, gilly ox

  2. I love my JOY & it will have pride of place every Christmas
    Love you & thank you Mum xxx

  3. Love the Christmas craft! The decorated letters and the butterfly pictures have gone into my memory bank for future scraplifting! Thanks for sharing!


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