Monday, January 10, 2011

Tylers 4th Birthday

Happy Birthday Tyler......Yeah our little cousin is 4 yrs old today and he had a fancy dress party,But when we got there he had took his Buzz Lightyear outfit off and just looked like a cute 4yr old.

Meanwhile The Little Man went as a Pirate.

Some more photos to check out.

My 2 Scary pirates.

LM said pirates drive Hondas.

L M's big brother Christopher is a pirate as well.

Happy 4th Birthday Tyler......

Yum chocolate donut cake.

Tyler with Daniel and Kate.
Miss Makayla was being passed around like pass the parcel ha ha .

Hey don't forget me..

.Just because I don't look scary anymore doesn't mean I don't like chocolate donuts...

                            And the Little Man slept very well on the way home after his fun weekend,

                                                Me and Kev were just exhausted.(as usual)

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  1. Kevin, Christopher & Aidan certainly look the part of pirates.


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