Monday, January 10, 2011


So after the beach it was off to visit the cousins TYLER and MAKAYLA,

They have both grown so much, Kate and I had fun dressing Makayla up and Tyler wanted a hat on so lots of photos were taken.LM just played with his new trucks.

This is the baby hood I made when Makayla was born.At least she kind of fits it this time.

Tyler used his as a hat. Looks a  bit reggae hey man..

One little fairy ....too cute

No I think I like this one -laughing fairy .

Sweet fairy

Nude fairy..-thank God it's not the  old one in the background.ha ha

Cousins best friends forever.


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  1. I love Makayla in the fairy outfit. Lets hope that Tyler & Aidan remain best mates always.


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