Thursday, January 6, 2011

Christmas day

Well the big day is here (well actually it was a couple of days ago but I am so behind so just play along ha ha ha or should I say ho ho ho )

We woke early the sun was shinining-Mum John and Kev sat down with their morning coffee.

 So where are the kids...."Oh kids Santa has been"   -   " Kids come and have a look at what you got "

                                      "WAKE UP IT' CHRISTMAS'
                    Alas I discovered something about my kids this Christmas.

             They have and I feel like a failure saying this  my children have Christmasitis.

Which means they don't wake up Christmas morning like millions of other children real early, NO my kids Kerry and Little Man sleep till I wake them.

Sometimes this is an advantage and I can do bits other times it is a pain sitting around waiting for them to wake up.

LM slept till 8.30am..........

The rest of the day just went along fine..

Mum made the best Christmas lunch (as usual) The highlight was my grandmas plum pudding recipe which mum has tweaked and it is to die for......LM was spoilt by his Aunty Deb and Uncle Ross and  was a big hit with Simone and Melissa-too spoilt.

Seeing my family today I can honestly say it was a  great day .Bad afternoon -I got sick and went to fever hell for a few hours but I did manage to get a piece of mums pudding so all is good.

So here is some mixed up photos of Christmas sit back and relax and enjoy .....

This is mum's wreath hanging up-looks great doesn't it..

My mum is almost as clever as me.
This is our favorite piece from her stash of painted pieces and I have made a claim to it already.Ho Ho Ho
Yes you heard right she painted this,mum is a wonderful painter and I will show more later espically her russian work.

Mum you get your talent from me....

Tradition in my house for gifts from Santa come from - my first husband who was French (,he was a lot more but that is another story ha ha )Any way tradition was you cleaned your best shoes and left them beside the Christmas tree and Santa will leave your pressie underneath these.

Well Kerry has done this since her first Christmas and so has the Little Man.I think they look cute with thongs,It is funny to think of all the different types of styles we with through with Kez...

I love Mr C the crocodile.....

A funny Christmas face.....Maybe he is thinking "Come on Da let me have a go "

I have a Honda-A fast white Honda -This is my Honda.And yes this is how he spoke about the HONDA both real one we have and this remote control one Da found .

My two babies....

Decisions decisions decisions which one first...

Mum and John even got their new car into the Christmas spirit.....(or maybe that was after mum having too much Christmas spirit ha ha ho)

Hyundai the red nose Reindeer

The table settings were beautiful.....

The food  well apart from being plentiful it was delicious and we are still paying for it now almost 2 weeks later..ha ha ha

Kev made mango champange  slushies.

1 tub of mango sorbet
1 bottle of chamange
mix in jug.

My sister uses a blender as she cant wait to drink it and this mixes it faster......

The best part of all

Mum/Nanas pudding....

Yes I think I would do anything for this,Even just the smell of it mmmm yum  drool and that's just from Kev the drooling I mean ...

Hope you enjoyed our Christmas 2010 .We did.
dee xx



  1. A wonderful Christmas. Just to have you all together makes everything worth while. Aidan was such a pleaure to have around, although he never stops taking. Kerry, Simone & Melissa are such beautiful grand daughters, we couldn't wish for better. Love Mum xxx

  2. Mum's Santa painting is fabulous.........Christmas dinner looks very much the same as ours!


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