Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Cat scan results


 Kev picked up my results  from my cat scan yesterday which was a good thing because I was making myself sick thinking about all different scenarios and believe me I have a vivid imagination  so they were really out there ...........ha ha ha

I had decided that I had a  brain tumor that was inoperable and that poor Kev was going to be a widow.

So  I had better start looking for a new wife for him.Yes I want to chose her  I know what Kevin likes and he will be too upset (well he better be) to decide.........

ANYWAY -the results say ta ta ta  (drum roll )

                                 -NO significant abnormality is demonstrated.

Now I haven't shown my Professor yet and while I am not a rocket scientist (close though he he he )  I think I can safely say there is nothing to worry about........

The Little Man took this photo of me .This is my fed up- tired- sick look.
Hang on I look like this every day .ha ha I don't know why I am laughing it's true.

A big thanks to those who sent me some nice mushie thoughts.Very much appreciated



  1. All the worrying for nothing, but we are all guilty of doing that. Aidan has become very good with taking photos. You signature looks really professional. Love you
    Mum xxxx

  2. oh wow... how scary... Im so happy to hear all is OK .... thanks for the lovely comments on my weight loss... I really appreciate it... our challenge will be starting in the next few days, so keep an eye on my blog....

  3. Wonderful news! Thanks for all the lovely comments on my blog. You always make my day.


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