Friday, January 7, 2011

Aunty Deb's house

We went and had lunch at Deb and Ross's house before we came home.The LM was spoilt again by everyone he is so lucky to have so many people who love it We really appreciate it..

Thought I would show you a couple of photos...

Collecting eggs with Melissa

A little bit of Little Man's logic.

So where do eggs come from? LM
He replied from chickens
So where do brown eggs come from?
LM said brown chickens

So where does milk come from?
he said cows
Where does chocolate milk(his favorite) come from
He replied brown cows....

This was Uncle Ross's car when he was little....

This isn't at Aunty Deb's but the LM is swimming in the pool while it is raining and Aunty Deb is blowing bubbles at him..You can see the bubbles in the photo looks great hey .
dee xx

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  1. Another lovely day & more memories to treasure. Love Mum xxx


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