Sunday, January 16, 2011

Where did the week go?


Where did the week go?  

Blink- yeah it just seamed to fly by.

I have had a crap week sick as usual but this time it really got to me and knocked me for six.

Got up at 6.00am each day  and got the LM ready for school then  when both LM and Kev left around 6.30 am I did the housework  and washing then slept for most of the day till they got home and then started on tea and spent time with the LM.
How crap -how boring .
Anyway here is a couple of photo's to have a look at...............

First day back at school.
Not happy  about it but then again it's 6.30am.

Yep here is the happy Little Man  I know.....and the friend with him is Pam the hippo.Now I believe that Pam is possessed ha ha ha now don't laugh and I am not imagining things either but LM tends to be a bit funny when she is around.

Example was when we went to QLD for Christmas Pam came as well.

One day while shopping LM was pretty naughty anyway he said "Pammy told him to do it" Well mum got Pam and told her to stop it and behave herself  and  whoa -both LM and Pam did.Both were good...(wish I knew how to spell the the tune for scary weird bits -you know the music i mean-is it the old Twilight tune?  )

Also LM at night calls out saying Pam is being mean to him or Pam is saying naughty things,
Kev had it one night and went and put Pam away in naughty corner.LM was happy and went off to sleep...

So we have a naughty stuffed hippo,

Believe it or not...........

Mitchell came over on the weekend he was out riding motor bikes -fell out Went to Doctors next day is in a half cast till they get results of cat scan.

See what I am reduced to............

All for my  mum.
Mum found out about it and passed it on to me.Well almost 6 months later I am finally trying it.

 I have made the drink and yes mum I am drinking it.

What is it ?

It is suppose to be a drink for general well being and  there is a lot of testimonials relating to this drink into helping cancer patients.I don't have cancer but it can't hurt can it ?............

Mum heard about this and passed it on to me-"Thanks"

It's Asparagus.
You boil it -then blend it up.Then either hot or cold take 2 tablespoons twice a day.

Tastes disgusting.

So mum lets see if you are trying to kill me  or not...ha ha 

No truly mum a big thanks I know you have my back and are always looking for cures or information to help "cure me".I love you mum....

Results -a half cast.Nothing broken then.

Hobble Hobble.........

LM and I decided to make real chocolate crackles to give to Uncle Alan tomorrow and some for Da.

These are different from normal ones but Kevin and Alan love them so lets make them....

No cocoa ,no copha -just Cadbury's  milk buttons- rice bubbles and coconut.
Mix  and spoon into cases put in fridge.

This is serious work.....

Best part.A boy and his bowl.  ha ha


So even though I was sick and very down  things were still happening around the home. Or should I say mental house...ha ha

dee x

PS- it is now 4.00am I will now attempt for the third time to see if I can go to bed and sleep without  too much pain in my legs
Good night xxx

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  1. Poor Mitchell, but then these things happen. Where are my Chocolate crackles? I'll have to get Aidan to make some for me when I come down then I can help him lick the bowl.
    Poor Deidre, Aspargus, it is not that bad to drink & anything is worth a try. Maybe next you can start on carrot, celery & apple juice...It's only horrible for the 1st week. It won't kill you, I promise.
    I love you heaps Mum xxx


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