Saturday, January 1, 2011


My husband is great although I don't tell him enough but he is GREAT -WONDERFUL -CUTE  (yes I am sucking up for a certain Christmas present I saw ha ha ha ).

No he is really great all jokes aside,I was really busy this year with some of the gifts I needed to make so along came Super Kev.

                                                                   The Coasters....

Not a good photo but I will try to get more as this photo doesn't show the coaster's
colours and details but at least you get the idea.

Now I wanted a set for my father and one for my brother in law  as part of their gift for Christmas.
So I call for Super Kev


Yeah I know I am an idiot but hey it takes all types.

Super Kev got the art work and printed and coloured to size.
Super Kev cut Modge podged and then used a stamp to ink the edges and darken them..
Super Kev then used liquid glass which is  available at  Fred's...then we waited till dry and

Yeah !!!!
Coasters !!!! perfect!!!!!

Thanks Super Kev....

And thanks for wearing the tights (you are cute eye candy I know)
but I think you can take them off now...
Yes I understand Super Kev you like the feel of them but enough get them off....

PS- My dad and brother in law both loved the coasters and Super Kev -well last we heard he was walking away mumbling about having to take his silky tights off  ha ha


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  1. A lovely gift Thank you Kevin. What you have to do being married to my daughter.


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