Monday, January 10, 2011

Coming home

Well this is the last blog post for 2010,

The trip home from QLD was wet hot and lots of "are we there yet?" from both me and the LM.

Here are a few last photos to share...

I think everyone has this photo in their album.But I bet they don't have the cuties I do ha ha..

Little Man looks like he is loving it here,But don't be fooled.................

I told you .....See you Port Macquarie.

Yes all this mess came out of our car.
Our poor little sports car decided to go undercover as a family car....
And somehow our 2 door baby manged to do it  (for a week at least ) she became a  large 4 door family truck ha ha

But the joke is on me because I have to put this all away while Kev does yards.

Mitchell our 2nd son came over and took care of the LM while we worked.

Yes they played ....................and played.........................and played.

Little man went out and helped mow the lawns but decided the pool was better so went back ..

dee x

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  1. If I didn't see all that gear going into the Honda, I wouldn't believe that it would all fit. Good on you Kevin for fitting it all in. I guess Aidan could have stayed here if you needed more room in the car. That's in both your dreams though , but you'd miss Aidan heaps after a few days. Love Mum xxx


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