Monday, January 31, 2011

Hello Sweet Sunday

Hello Sunday

As you all know I haven't slept properly for what seems likes years ago(yes I am exaggerating ha ha )

Anyway I did nothing different on Sat but by 10.00pm I needed to go to bed,

Kev was shocked as you all know it is usually early mornings for me to go to bed.

So off to dream world  at 10pm and dream I did till 3am -THAT'S 5  HOURS  can you believe it.Then I just slept up and down till 6.00am and thought ok time to get up..

So because  I had a good night sleep we thought we would  just hang around the house don't jinx anything and just relax and take it easy...

And relax is what we did.....

Here are some photos of my wonderful Sunday spent at home with those I love....So grab a coffee and biscuit there are a few photos here ha ha

Yum smoothies for breakfast.
Excuse the LM pose.this is the latest when we take photos he says"cheese" and puts this face on.
I still think it's cute.

Tried to get him to smile  and this is what I got,
By the way our smoothies were delicious...thanks Kev and LM xx

Gotta make the beer....

All cleaned up now and Kev puts the finishing touches to LM face,
He shaves his cheeks.
Now before you reach for the phone to call Doc's Kevin has been doing this since LM was 1and a bit year old.
It is an old empty razor,Kev just puts a bit of shave soap on LM  face and "shaves " him.LM loves it then proceeds to put deodorant on like Da and brush his teeth like Da ,I think the LM is lucky to have someone like Kev who is very particular about his personal hygeine that he can follow him...
OMG you should hear the performance if Kev is running late etc and can't do it...

Some play time with his garbage truck.....

Yeah he was quiet so I sneaked into the bathroom and here LM is putting water in his water pistal.ha ha ha No don't get me LM go get Da...NO get Da not me .....said a wet mummy and laughing LM

Kev found these white shelves in Target and got me some,I put all my glimmer mists in some and bits and pieces in others ,Ok for $5 each,

Swimming with Willy the Whale from Auntie Pam and Uncle John..

Hang on LM  go go  SPLASH----Oh no you fell off

Look at my teeth Dee

Eating lunch.Has anyone noticed that the LM only wears boxer shorts.He says it is too hot for shorts.He likes these because he just rips them off and Wham he is in the pool.

Auntie Pam gave him a old  camera of hers ,It has kept him happy all weekend.Thanks Pam

Lay down time and watch tv

No resting it's sprinkler time..

LM can crawl and go under the water line...

It's 6.oopm and LM is still going strong,Now he wants to ride his scooter,

Thank God Kerry came home for tea she managed to settle him least he went to bed ok
these  were the friends he wanted to take with him
Pammy the Hippo is still being naughty so she wasn't in the bed with him.Check out fake sleeping face.

Thanks LM for being such a good boy and helping Da and Me. 

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  1. What a lovely way to spend a Sunday. I love all the photos. Especially Aidan with all his bed companions.


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