Sunday, January 23, 2011

Little Mans finger art

Goodness another post -But I really wanted to show this one so here we go.

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This woman is either crazy or just amazing or needs to get a life.But she is pretty amazing.

I can't get over the time and effort she puts in for her kids (2 very lucky kids).

Well I have fallen in love with the thumb and fingerprint art she has done so that is what I want to talk about today.

  The other day I was letting the LM do some painting and I remembered this site.And to be different I got some plain white cards out and we proceeded to paint.............

Little Man loves to paint ...........

Now we painted 2 pink thumb prints and a few green ones and let dry......Looks amazing doesn't it ....(yes I know I am an idiot... ha ha )

Now people this is where it gets fun,We made a few different ones.
So later that night we stuck on the little (these are 3mm size) google eyes with craft glue.
Then I just drew around the shapes in bits adding little things -(Whatever you want to do the possibilities are endless)like stalks, feathers etc till I was happy with them.

These are some of the finished cards.I love the fish they are my favorite  and I have done a  fish and then added all LM details like how much he weighs now etc and have put it in my treasure box.and I also put one in a mini frame for show.
So please check out this blog she also has interesting ways to present food for toddlers,LM don't need that ha ha .
have fun
dee  x

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  1. You should do some up & sell them they are so cute. The birds & fish are the best..Clever little man & clever mummy Dee


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