Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Broken Best Friend

                    On the weekend our best friend Alan had an accident he is ok but is going to be in pain for awhile ,anyway he sent us some pictures  today.

How did it happen?
He was up a ladder taking down the Christmas lights-his wife was at work  AND

 He falls off the ladder "yuck"

Seems he has dislocated his foot-lost tendons for 3 toes they operated on him to put his foot back around the right way and he will be off work for 6 weeks or more.....oh I forgot he is also in a lot of pain..

Luckily his neighbour heard him scream for help and she called the ambulance.

(Thanks neighbour for saving our friend) also this neighbour sat with him till ambulance came then she proceeded to clean the mess up  before Lisa got home.(thanks heaps again neighbour I am so glad Lisa didn't have to clean that up)

But what I would like to say is my friends have no love lost for these neighbours.

To be kind they are fruit loops(the neighbours not our friends)  and there has been arguments in the past  over the years but the "weirdo's  were just ignored .

Anyway Lisa is going to see the wife and say a grateful thanks to her for all she has done.

But my question is -----(and this is a deep one for me)
     If you disliked someone and heard them cry for help -WOULD YOU DO IT ?.Would you help..???..I would really like to think I would and I will remember this in case I ever hear this cry for help (YA HOO help me)-that even though they may be weirdo's everyone needs help sometimes.

Had to show you a photo of Alan and didn't want to show you the broken foot one but here is Alan doing his best MR HAPPY impersonation...taking nice drugs here ....

This photo was taken after he got in trouble from the nurses for not staying still.

 What a BIG KID-  but we love him and wish him a speedy recovery....

Also take it easy Lisa you know what men are like when they have a cold-their whole world is collapsing and they need help for everything well in your case  increase that by 100% -enjoy ha ha

dee xx

PS-Moral to the story.

Don't take your Christmas lights down each year - just leave them up for the next and following years,

Now if Alan had listened to this advice this would never have happened.
dee x

Note from Kev -This would never have happened  Alan if you didn't put your lights up.Thats why I didn't put ours up this year it was an OH and Safety issue......

Ya HOO I need  help my wife is trying to strangle me.....


  1. Poor Guy and Lisa was in at Fred yesurday too!

  2. Poor Alan, & yes if you heard some one yelling for help you would go no matter what you thought of the people.

  3. Whoops! Better to be rescued by weirdos than not be rescued at all. God Bless the weirdos! Maybe they are not so weird after all and might be worth getting to know.


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