Friday, January 21, 2011

365 part 2

Just letting you know how MUCH I LOVE MY 365 book.

It is nearly a month old - I put something in it everyday and when it lays flat there is a bulge .because it can't close properly .

I love it......... I love it.......... Oh I Love it....

MMM look at this doesn't it look good.Wouldn't you like to read all my little snippets and check out the photos?

Well here is a little glance of what is in the book it may not be important to anyone but me but that's all that matters.
I Love my book

dee xx



  1. I just love it, wish i could find one xxx

  2. Beautiful book, 1 can only imagine what it will be like come december. By the way, your asparagus drink should be 4 tabls. twice a day.....ha...ha.....
    Love you
    Mum xxx


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