Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Happy Australia Day

Hello  Happy  Australia Day everyone.

What did you get up to ? Did you dress up Aussie?  Eat Aussie food?

Well we did -I mean Kev and the LM did,

John our brother-in-law rang up with a big G"DAY (this wasn't a put on he talks like this all the time) asking us to come over for a BBQ.

So I got Kev to go get bits for me from shop so I could make the classic Pavlova to take ....

OMG looked so yummy.Anyway I stayed home as had a bad night (again) and didn't get much sleep and my legs oh god forgive me they were so sore.So I slept away my Australia Day.

Kev and the LM come home around 6.00pm and the poor LM was worn out.

He had been in the pool with his cousin Zeke who is 7yrs but because they were in the pool (and the LM is such a fish)  it was a more of a equal playground so they happily played all day,

Kev said it was funny when they got there Zeke said "Don't go in that end it's deep" So Kev threw the LM in that end .LM  loved it as usual and got out of pool and the jumped back in -Zeke was shocked and we think Little Man went from a baby to someone he could play with  in his eyes in that moment ha ha .....

The LM going to school on Tuesday for Australia day celebrations.He can sing Give me a home among the gum trees.Sounds so cute and his favorite line is "And a old rocking chair" he keeps repeating it giving it more character each time.very funny it is to hear.

Yes we were those people who put flags on our car........

Making pavlova - you don't put cream  in my ears  Dee

Pouty face now that we have finished.

Told you it was yum...........

My two boys and OMG I did not colour coordinate them either westie


Dee xx


  1. what a beautiful little man, I love his Australia Day tee shirt xxxx

  2. Happy Australia Day. I love the t.shirt that Aidan has on. Both the boys look good, even Kevin. The pavlova looks real yummy, it's a shame that I don't like it otherwise you could make it for me next time I'm down there.Sorry that you spent the day sleeping but you must have needed it. Love Mum xxx


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