Tuesday, January 11, 2011

365 Book

My niece Brie gave me the idea of a 365 book.She has done this last year but didn't finish it and said I would love it   -How right she is.....

So off  Kev goes and gets me my black 365 book......

The book is numbered 1-365 and then it is blank -no lines nothing....

It is up to me to fill it in .....either by
-a photo a day

-a bit of both
-doodling  or any other way I want to ...

My  main experience with this sort of  book was in 1988 the Bicentennial Year.Australia Post put out a beautiful diary to celebrate,Well I am a hoarder and thought ok I will do it for a year.

Well Kerry had started school that year so I filled it out everyday stuck  in photos and quotes from her.I  even have pieces of her school uniform material in it from when Jan and I made them.

My best friend Jan features quite heavily in this book as Kerry and Brie went to the same school together all our waking time seemed to be together,

I love this book

I love it more because not long after Jan passed away(years after we did this book and it was long forgotten)  I found it and it helped me alot in the grieving process remembering what we did together.

I love  this  book.

So here I go again Kerry has long since finished all schooling but trust me she will be featured in this book.  Yes Kerry you do have to be in it.
But- no buts your in it and so will be everyone else I know be in it.

This time we have The Little Man ...oh dear ..I wonder what type of book this will end up being .

One thing is for sure is...

I am going to Love this book.
                                                                              dee  xx


  1. You are just the person to write & post photos of everyone & everything. It will become a family heirloom & worth reading & looking thru. Love you Mum xxx

  2. Good luck with this project! It will be a fabulous family keepsake when finished.


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