Tuesday, January 18, 2011

My Christmas Pressie from Kevin

I  ( Kev bought it) got this unreal planter for Christmas  and on the weekend Kevin got me a beautiful Lavender plant to put in it.

Unreal isn't it.And I know it will look even more  beautiful when the Lavender fills it out.

I was so pleased when I got it ..I had seen them at Flower Power nursery's and fell in love with them ..... so I showed Kev .....then I told him I wanted it............ And then I told him again and again.
So lucky that Kevin listens to me....

I was a bit worried because i didn't see it in the car when we to QLD for Christmas but on Christmas morning when we were opening our gifts i opened my card from Kev and inside was a photo of the planter  he had  put it in my card.for me to see Christmas morning.
Love him xxx

...I love him so much for this gift  and and I love him for lot more as well
I am just soooo lucky to have Kev -mush mush mush,....

dee xx


  1. The planter is beautiful, & yes you are mushy, but I guess Kevin feels the same about you or else he wouldn't get you what you want.

  2. LOVE IT TOO! one of those would look great on my little table in the garden might have to go and have a look. Gilly ox

  3. Wow that is going to look amazing when the lavener is all out. You are a lucky girl :)

  4. Hi Dee,
    so thrilled to discover your blog and LOVE your beautiful bright photos. They're fab. Totally hearing you about noisy little three year olds. We forgot ours is "only 3" every day!
    Deb xox

  5. Oh I love your planter, it is so beautiful! Lucky you to have such a romantic man......sigh...I got a tea towel for Christmas! I think I will divorce him! LOL

  6. OH, your planter is gorgeous... I love it... thanks so much for your kind thoughts during our floods too. I really appreciated it x


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