Saturday, October 6, 2012

Christmas Craft List 1

Yes Christmas is coming.....I made a list  of crafts I need to do for Christmas..the list is too long I think but that's part of the fun isn't it doing all the bits and pieces...
So today I have made a start on my list.....
Christmas balls with names on them.
I love doing these and never tire of them either....Each one looks so good I can't decide what colour is my favourite This year I added a little rhinestone and bow just to be different.

Chloe already has her 1st Christmas ball in pink but her mum wants to do their tree in green this year so I made her some new balls.I ended up making two Chloe because I don't know which one I like so they can decide.Which one do you prefer?

These are for Mitchell (Kevin's middle son ) and family.So I also put 1st Christmas and the year on the kids one.The pink looks good doesn't it.

I bought the stocking from Spotlight and put Shakiras name on it and added two bows to dress it up.
So happy that these are done and posted to the kids..
Now what should  I  do next on the list?


  1. I love the shade of the green balls & also the stocking for Shakira.

  2. These are beautiful! You've got great handwriting! If you can believe it, I made similar ones when my children were small with their names and the dates they were born on them. My handwriting is not as good as yours though :0)

    I am LAUGHING at your previous post and the magic you did on that photo with picmonkey. Isn't it an awesome tool??.... great job!


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