Saturday, October 20, 2012

Operation Christmas Child.


Have you heard about this- Operation Christmas Child?

I hadn't till I read this post on One Crafty Mumma's Blog.I thought this is such a great idea I am going to do it.
Actually I saw it last year on her blog but I am afraid that Christmas 2011 is a bit of a wipe out if you are a long time reader you will remember that I collapsed and was in intensive care for a few days and then stayed in hospital for a total of 5days this happened on 27th Dec but apparently I had been sliding downwards for a few weeks just didn't know it.So long story cut it short that's why I didn't participate then.

I had forgotten all about it this year  until like I said I read it on Mel's blog.

AND YES !!!!! I am doing it this year this week well truth be told  I am doing it now as we speak..
I have actually made two shoe boxes and even made a start for next year.
Next year I hope to do 6 boxes I am starting early to gather bits..
Not like this year I just went to the Reject shop and bought  2 of everything....
We decided to do our boxes for 2 little girls this year aged between  6-9 years old.
The LM was involved I picking out our gifts and helping wrap the box -well as much as a 5year old can be.

He will get the idea after a few years and I think this will be a good foundation for him on how to help others less fortunate then us....

The idea is pretty simple when you think about it ...

You have to fill your box with items from the 6 category's they give you..

You can put in as many items as you like.

There are a couple of restrictions such as

items that require batteries
toy guns /soldiers or anything that relates to war.
or any thing that relates to gambling.

The category's are as below and what we bought I wrote in red.

SOMETHING TO LOVE. -A little teddy bear.
SOMETHING TO WEAR.- A pair of thongs.
SOMETHING FOR SCHOOL-36 coloured  pencils & a pencil case.
SOMETHING TO PLAY WITH.-A skipping rope.
SOMETHING FOR PERSONAL HYGIENE.-Some soap and a hair brush comb mirror combo.
SOMETHING SPECIAL.-A craft kit to make a cute little cat.

So now Kevin will  take them to the drop off point and hopefully there will be 2 little girls somewhere in the world who will be very happy when they receive their shoebox at Christmas .

Thanks so much Mel for bringing this info to me & others .I know that I have passed it on to my mum and friends and mum put it on her face book page so hopefully some other people will decide to participate as well...Like a pass it forward gesture.

Do you think you may be interested in doing this ? Here is the link...


  1. This is beautiful idea. I for one, am inspired and will be checking out the web site and doing my bit. Thank you for passing this on to us.

  2. A wonderful idea for so little effort & cost.
    Helping others less fortunate is a really good thing.
    It makes us a better person.


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