Thursday, October 25, 2012

Vintage Photo Thursday 3

Well today I thought I would show some vintage (well Mum I don't mean you are vintage just the pictures.I am going to shut up now before I get in a deeper hole )  pictures of my wonderful and  beautiful mother.

She will be cringing when she reads this as she knows I really love this photo...ha ha ha

Isn't she beautiful......and she still looks the same.

Masses of dark curly hair...too cute

I don't think she has changed much over the years....

Love the dress mum...taken in the early 70's and check out the avocado green cupboard doors.

Mum still has the dark curly hair and a mischievous grin..I know where the LM has got his  from....

This says it all ......


  1. I was cringing but thank you for the lovely comments. I'm sure that photo will follow me to the grave.


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